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Long knitwear for every day of the year

The long knitwear made by Kiro by Kim is suitable for every day of the year. The items are made with mohair yarn, which insulates during the colder days of the year and remains cool during the hotter days of the year. This is one of the biggest advantages of long knitwear, as it enables you to wear the items al year long. Additionally, the mohair yarn has a beautiful sheen. This makes the different items beautiful and a true addition for your wardrobe. Would you like to experience the examples of mohair yarn for yourself? Take a look at the collection of Kiro by Kim and order your favorite items in their collection. These experts will ship the items as soon as possible, so you will enjoy wearing the long knitwear very soon.

The origins of Kiro by Kim

Kiro by Kim originated out of a love for knitting. Kim Chen, the founder of this label, began by knitting scarfs in beautiful and bold colors. These scarfs soon started to gain popularity and orders started pouring in. This motivated Kim to start her own label with all sorts of long knitwear, and Kiro by Kim was born. Nowadays, the collection consists of all sorts of long knitwear, such as beautiful coats or sweaters. These items are available in a wide range of colors, so find your favorite item in the online store and order it right now.

Visit a high-end store

Would you like to take a look at the various items before ordering? Long knitwear made by Kiro by Kim is not only available online, but also in physical stores. Multiple high-end stores around the Netherlands were selected, probably also a store near you. Visit a high-end store near you and experience the luxurious look and feel for yourself.