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This ultrapure water system with EDI-technology is energy-saving and environmental friendly

In various of industries it is necessary to use purified water to ensure a safe, reliable, and consistent product. Therefore, these companies invest in industrial water purification systems that meet regulations. For example the pharmaceutical industry. They use purified water in pharmaceutical products as a raw material and ingredient. This water is also used in various industries, such as the power, microelectronics and food industry. In order to get ultra pure water, you need an ultrapure water system. Iontech®, located in the Netherlands, specializes in (continuous) electrodeionization, which is an ultrapure water system and can offer you various (C)EDI products.

The Continuous Electro-deionization(EDI) technology

The ultrapure water system products, purify water in a continuous process. It is a sustainable, environment-friendly and relatively cheap solution for ultra-pure water treatment. The Continuous Electro-deionization(EDI) technology causes no regeneration of chemicals or acid-base emissions, thus can fully meet the requirements of energy-saving and environmental protection. The production of healthy drinking and washing water is made possible because of the solutions Iontech® offers. The modules work continually for long periods. Meanwhile it works with low energy consumption and high recovery.

Get yourself a tailor-made ultra pure water system

The advanced technology can be used in various industries and different branches. When you are looking to purchase a high-quality water system to use in your company, you should get in touch with Iontech®. They not only offer an tailor-made ultra pure water system, they are also a manufacturer of additional parts. Iontech® is very knowledgeable and skilled and has built a lot of experience throughout the years. They are the perfect company to partner up with. Do you got questions about the ultra pure water system they have to offer? Get in contact with them and discover the endless possibilities!